Independence is the first of four fundamental development areas of The Circle Blueprint—which you may have read, but which is not entirely essential. There are also workbooks for the other three fundamental development areas (Power, Humility, and Purpose), and you may wish to also work through the other three after you work through the Independence

Workbook to more fully develop your Circle Blueprint. The system in this workbook is intended for anyone with an interest in developing a higher mastery of the element of Independence. People who develop a mastery of Independence have a clear understanding of who they are and are not concerned with giving way to pleasure others at the expense of that sense of self—they take full responsibility for their life and live free of self-doubt, comparison, and insecurity.


If you have read The Circle Blueprint, you are likely familiar with the self-assessment tool. This tool helps you understand where you are on various factors that constitute the element of Independence. If you are comfortable with the assessment process, you may want to proceed to the After Self-Assessment section.



  1. Crisis Prone: Creating situations that either do not have to exist, or that do not actually exist in reality.
  2. Autonomous: Living free of comparison and relying healthily on self and others.
  3. Pleasing: Adapting to the real or perceived needs of others in unhealthy ways.
  4. Pretentious: Needing to appear in a light more favorable than one actually is.
  5. Personal Commitment: Having goals, operationalizing them into actionable plans, and disciplining yourself to execute those plans.
  6. Reliance: Being controlled by someone or something else.

The Circle Blueprint provides in-depth explanations of these factors, but thisoverview  should give you the gist of it, and the results of your assessment, or even honest self-reflection on these issues, will let you know where you may need

further development or better balance. Specifically, the assessment results provide descriptions on our “Thriving Scale.” On each factor, you should have a score.

  1. I am hanging on by my fingernails. Despite all I have accomplished,my life isn’t good at all.
  2. I am eroding. I’m not desperate, but my life is a grind and does not seem to be headed in a positive direction.
  3. I am treading water and just sort of enduring my situation. My life isn’t bad, but I would not say it is good, either.
  4. I am growing. My life is on a positive trajectory. Certainly, it could be better, but I am reasonably satisfied and optimistic about the future.
  5. I am thriving. I am creatively engaged in my work and life. I am at the top of my game. I feel energized, balanced, healthy, and happy.