Intensive, one-on-one coaching is designed to create real, powerful and sustainable increases in leadership effectiveness and results.

Everyone who is committed to excellence needs a coach. Tiger Woods understood that his game would not improve without the assistance of someone who looked from the outside and was qualified to make suggestions that were not obvious to him.

Executives carry great responsibility to act for the welfare of their stakeholders, to see beyond the day-to-day activities and to optimize their positioning in the marketplace. With such rapid change in the economic landscape, the need for expanding skill sets and perspective is inescapable.

Business coaching services focus on assisting successful leaders to increase their effectiveness and expand their impact. It deals with issues such as:

• Identifying and removing obstacles to success
• Leading through inspiration
• Using time effectively
• Empowering through delegation
• Understanding and leveraging your genius and the genius of your people

• Minimizing drama in your life and workplace
• Quickly learning from feedback
• Resolving interpersonal conflict
• Learning how to create success
• Removing “upper limits”

Coaching is a confidential process that takes part in person and over the phone. It requires mutual initiation of issues, gracious insight, identification of actionable changes, and accountability.

Our goal is to equip leaders with the skills necessary to make a powerful and positive impact in the workplace and in the world.

Optimizing communication, creativity and collaboration within business teams.

Today’s business relies heavily upon the efficacy of teams. Research clearly shows that decisions made by teams are consistently better than those made by individuals. Jack Welch said that those who see reality most clearly have the competitive advantage. Teams bring together multiple perspectives such that individual biases are reduced and the likelihood of seeing reality clearly dramatically increases.

The executive team of an international, Chicago-based manufacturing company was having difficulty making decisions. Issues were argued persistently as strong-willed people focused their energy on persuading and made little room for listening to one another. Learning new communication skills streamlined their debate and led to quicker, better decisions with greater support.

A sales team was unwilling to share information with one another, each person fearful of being “scooped” by his or her peer. Their resistance was limiting their ability to assist each other and to win bigger deals that required more collaboration. Assisting the team in developing a greater vision of success got them unstuck and opened the pathway to productive sharing of information.

We teach teams how to:

• Collaborate effectively, subjecting individual interests to create the group “win”
• Speak candidly with one another
• Expand creativity and idea generation
• Increase and demonstrate appreciation for one another
• Decrease drama within the team
• Create a clear vision of success
• Strategize effectively
• Focus on driving results collaboratively

These engagements involve an initial assessment of team function followed by an action plan.

Action plans involve:

• A half-day offsite for skill training
• A once per month 2-hour skill training program

Effective work teams will radically increase productivity and employee satisfaction. We can make a difference in your company by “tuning up” your teams.